Unimom Breast Pumps

Unimom Breast Pumps:

High Quality at Affordable Prices

Unimom is fast becoming the biggest force in quality breastfeeding products at an attractive price point.In May 2016, Unimom announced their corporate partnership with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Milkbar Breastpumps is a trusted provider of Unimom breast pumps, spare parts &accessories.

All Unimom Breast Pumps have a patented genuine closed system which ensures hygienic expression of your breastmilk.This means that no milk or micro vapour can back flow down the tubing into the motor, preventing external air from contaminating your precious expressed breastmilk.

Unimom understands the unique relationship between mother and baby and have created options so that there is something for every new mum. Choose from their Hospital Grade Forte# Double Breast Pump, the ultra light &portable Allegro# Breast Pump or the manual Mezzo# Breast Pump.

Read Milkbar’s Review of the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump.

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