Review of the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

Review of the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump
November 27, 2015 Milkbar Breastpumps
Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I hate expressing milk.  I detest doing it and in the 12 months since my daughter was born, I’ve been primarily breastfeeding her. Expressing can be a boring, tedious, time-consuming and often frustrating experience in which the output in no way reflects the effort. There’s a whole process of sterilising, assembling, pumping…pumping…what the hell is wrong with this thing?…reassembling…ok now we’re pumping and thirty minutes later I have 20mL of milk, the baby is awake and I haven’t managed to eat or put on my 900th load of laundry.

So I’ve kind of avoided pumping for a while and was manually expressing whenever I desperately needed to top up my 2 storage bags of ‘emergency milk’ in the freezer.  Manually expressing requires dexterity and can be very uncomfortable, plus it made me feel like a dairy cow! But it was still better than my pump – which shall remain nameless!

This also means I’ve been pretty much house-bound for the last year and missed out on a few important celebrations, as I haven’t been able to be away from my little girl.

So when I got asked to test out the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump, I was a little less than enthusiastic at first.  But I figured if it didn’t work, then I’m no worse off than I am already.

When I first opened the box and saw some little attachments, two long plastic tubes and some rubber bits, I thought it was going to be an involved assembly process of Ikea proportions.

I was pleasantly surprised that the instructions were brief, straightforward and I really didn’t need to refer to them much while I was putting the pump together.

Well…it actually worked! I started the Unimom electric pump on the lowest setting and gradually increased the suction, but even on the maximum setting it just felt like a baby suckling and didn’t hurt at all.  It took a minute for the milk flow to start and then the longer I pumped, the more milk came flowing out.  Woohoo! I felt like a bountiful milk maiden – quite a feat with my A cups!

The motor was really quiet and light and it has a handle which makes it easy to transport from home to work or around the house.  Cleaning is fairly standard for a breast pump which was nice – I was expecting it to be more complex for a hospital grade pump.

After a 10 minute pumping session I had 60mL from one breast and 40mL from the other.  But since it is a double pump I was able to express both breasts at the same time – making it much more efficient.  The amount of milk I can express depends on the day and how Little Miss is feeling, when she’s teething she has ‘extra boobs’ so it’s harder for me to express a lot, but it’s definitely easier now I’ve done it a few times.

I’m actually now expressing every day, using the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump and my supply has drastically increased – I’ve had to buy more storage containers for all my milk!

So I’m having my first girls night out in a few weeks since the little one was born…bought a new dress and everything!

Okay – here are the Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump facts:

  • Quiet hospital grade pump – one of the quietest in the market
  • Effective single/double sided pumping
  • Mimics baby’s natural suction allowing faster let down
  • Adjustable vacuum setting ensures comfort and optimum expression
  • Extra-long life motor and efficient piston mechanism
  • Hygienic closed system with back flow protection
  • Switch to manual pump using switch kit (optional accessory)
  • Vacuum range: 50-300mmHg
  • Cycle frequency: 46rpm
  • BPA free
  • CE approved
  • 1 year warranty
  • Australian Mother and Baby 2012 Awards – Bronze Winner

Note: I was provided with a Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump in order to provide a review; however the experiences and opinions are my own. Zara Wright.


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